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Stickbee is a modular furniture system based on the 60-degrees angle.

Six basic elements are monted to a hexagon, with no tools required. Two or more hexagons connect via a pug-in module, namely the PIRAT. The resulting structure, similar to a honeycomb, becomes more stable with its size increasing, thus making gaps in betweeen the elements possible.

Thus the system can take a variety of shapes and can function as a shelf, a cupboard, a table, a bench, a chair or any combination of the latter. By adding from a multitude of possible accessories, such as slide-ins, drawers, doors, support plates et cetera Stickbee succeeds as a versatile and highly customizable furniture system that adapts to its owners needs and ideas.

[Stickbee Presentation (PDF format)]

[Stickbee Catalogue (PDF format)]

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